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God is neither every where nor God is awareness; God is unimaginable


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God is neither every where nor God is awareness; God is unimaginable


142. Sarvavyaapakaatmavaadaavatitya gamyamanuhyam Vedena.


Translation: We have to cross both the arguments of God being every where and God being awareness. With the help of scripture, we have to reach the goal, which is unimaginable God.


Explanation: We are denying the two arguments viz., the argument of awareness being God and the argument of the all pervading God. We are establishing the argument of unimaginable nature of God. The above two arguments are like deep pits existing side by side and we have to travel in the narrow path existing between these two pits to reach the goal of unimaginable nature of God. Since awareness is the specific work of inert energy in the functioning nervous system and the concept of all pervading God does not require the need of any spiritual effort as every one is God, the above two pits are to be avoided. These two arguments can be denied by the scripture also. Veda says that God is the controller of souls (Atmesvaram…) and this denies that God is soul or awareness. Veda also says that nothing and none in this creation is God (Neti Neti…) and this denies that God is every where in this world. There are several Vedic statements speaking that God is unimaginable and even Gita says that no body knows God. Like this, we have to escape the danger of falling in the above two pits and reach the true goal of the unimaginable nature of God.

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