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Importance of Satguru in the spiritual path


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Importance of Satguru in the spiritual path

145. Ubhayaphalam satgurau gurau tu pramaadah syaat.


Translation: In the case of Satguru both the fruits are achieved but in the case of guru there may be the danger of slip.


Explanation: Satguru is the human form of God, who shows the correct path and also clarifies all your doubts with perfect analysis. Hence, the importance of Satguru is very much in the spiritual path. In the case of Satguru, He is also the goal of your spiritual effort. If you have attained Satguru, you have already reached the goal. With the help of His knowledge and sharp analysis, you have to only identify Satguru as the goal. The case of Guru is different. Sometimes, he may err and mislead you to the wrong goal. If the guru gives correct knowledge, you can identify Satguru with the help of such sharp knowledge. Sometimes, the guru may appear as Satguru and you may be stuck-up with such guru and not reach the goal.

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