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Human Incarnation alone is Got not every body


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Human Incarnation alone is Got not every body

154. Viparitameke naanye sisapaanaat.


Translation: The theists can take the angle of atheists from the commentary but not reverse. The mistake of theists was rectified by drinking the molten led.


Explanation: When the theists also misunderstood like atheists and started thinking themselves as God, because the angle of atheists can also be taken by theists due to its attraction, Shankara had to clarify the truth. When Shankara told that He is God (Shivoham), some theists misunderstood and started telling the same. The meaning of I was taken as awareness and when Shankara told “I am God”, theists thought that since I exists in them also, they must also be God. Since king is a man, since every one is a man, hence every one must be king! This was their logic! Then Shankara swallowed the molten lead and corrected the statement by saying that He alone was God (Shivah kevaloham). From the diplomatic commentary, even though the theists can take the angle of atheists, vice-versa is impossible, because the atheists can never accept the concept of human incarnation.

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