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Spiritual field is the most liberalized one


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Spiritual field is the most liberalized one

156. Samaavakaashaat dvayoh samanvayah.


Translation: Due to equal opportunity, both the angles are correlated.


Explanation: One angle of the commentary is that every soul is God. Another angle is that a specific soul like Krishna alone is God. The first angle is for atheists, who will never accept the second angle. The only consideration to maintain the first angle is that at least they will accept the existence of the God. In both the angles the common point is that there is a chance of a selected soul to become God. There is equal opportunity to every soul to get this fortune. In every human generation God comes in human form and some times there may be more than one human incarnation in one generation itself based on the requirement. The deserving soul gets that chance and the chance is open to all the souls. Therefore, this is not like the cruel capitalism that only one is born with golden spoon to become the king. There is only one post of the king and only one can become the king. But there is equal chance for anyone to become the king by achieving the deserving qualification. Hence, this is like the justified capitalism. Even in democracy, only one is becoming the president of the nation, but every one has equal opportunity to contest for the post and to succeed. This is not the cruel capitalism, but it is a justified democracy based capitalism. Even in justified capitalism there is only one president, whereas in spiritual field there can be more than one human incarnation in one time. Some times, different souls with different compositions of the three qualities are selected for different programs in one time of human generation itself. Hence, the spiritual field is the most liberalized one.

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