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God is not grasped by any human being


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God is not grasped by any human being

162. Mulamaayaiva naro bhaagaat tadatitahetorapi na graahyam.


Translation: The human being is the Mula Maya only in essence and it being the part of illusion and God being beyond the entire creation, God is not grasped by any human being.


Explanation: The human being is a composite of three parts: The outer most gross body being the condensed matter, the inner subtle body being the group of different works of inert energy and the inner most causal body being the very inert primordial energy, all these three are in essence the Mula Maya or the primordial energy only. Since the primordial energy is the illusion created by God, the human being becomes a part of the illusion itself. God being beyond the entire illusion cannot be grasped by the human being. These two points are the reasons for the human beings in not grasping the original nature of God.

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