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The analysis of any item of creation, cannot even touch God


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The analysis of any item of creation, cannot even touch God

171. Uhyaanuhyabandhopi naasti naadhaarah sprushtah.


Translation: The link between unimaginable and imaginable does not exist in the world and since it is unimaginable, the support of creation is not touched.


Explanation: The link between two imaginable items is imaginable as available in the creation. The link between two unimaginable items is unimaginable but such a link is meaningless since the two unimaginable items can be conveniently merged into one unimaginable item. The link between an unimaginable item and an imaginable item is also unimaginable because of the non-availability of such a link in creation. Therefore, self analysis or for that matter, the analysis of any other item of creation, cannot even touch God. Therefore, taking God as the support of the entire creation, you cannot make efforts to touch God by going down through any item of creation, applying deep analysis. There is no doubt that God is the basic support of the entire creation. But since there is no direct touch of God with the creation, due to the unimaginable link between God and creation, God cannot be touched by penetrating the unimaginable link. The ultimate item that can be touched by the deep analysis is only the primordial energy (cosmic energy). But since this primordial energy is inert, it cannot be treated as God.

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