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A duck is laying a golden egg every day. You should take that egg and use it for your needs.


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A duck is laying a golden egg every day. You should take that egg and use it for your needs.

You must study the stories of devotees because they are the practical procedures of spiritual path, which are like the laboratory manuals in which the student is more involved. Scriptures are the theory-class rooms. Therefore, Vyasa wrote all the stories of devotees which are very important to know the practical problems in the spiritual path. These stories (Puranas) are part of the spiritual knowledge and not like the cinema stories meant for entertainment.


Among these Puranas Ramayana, Bharatha and Bhagavatha are very significant. They deal with the then existing human incarnations available for those devotees. The other Puranas deal with energetic forms like Vishnu, Shiva etc., for the devotees who suffer with jealousy and egoism to recognize the human form of the Lord.


Read this divine knowledge, digest it, propagate it and try to practice it as far as possible. Certainly, this knowledge has come from the absolute God. Whether God stays externally and I am just His messenger or whether God stays in Me and is giving this knowledge, it is immaterial.


A duck is laying a golden egg every day. You should take that egg and use it for your needs. It is unnecessary for you whether the gold is present in its stomach or whether it is stealing the golden egg from outside and is giving to you. You need not analyze Me to see God in My human body which is just like cutting the stomach of the duck, which becomes useless. You may say that you want to worship God directly through the human form so that you can please the God since it is your absolute aim. But I say that God is more pleased if you worship His real devotees. If you worship the devotees God existing outside or existing in Me is more pleased than direct worship to Him. His devotees are greater than Himself in His view. A human incarnation may not be available always because of the complexity in the identification. Therefore, worship My devotees who are really sacrificing through practical devotion in My divine mission. If you worship Me you will reach Brahmaloka, which is the top most. But if you worship My devotees you will reach the sixteenth upper world which is called Datta Sevaka Loka which is topper than the top most Goloka (Goloka is above Brahmaloka). Remember this point after My exit from this present human body.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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