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Logic Only can bring unity among religions


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Logic Only can bring unity among religions


Today the development of science is terrible, which is the faculty of logic and analysis. Today the heart is reduced and the brain is expanded. The old generations were having a broad heart and less brain. The heart can be inspired by appeals but the brain will not be satisfied by appeals. If you appeal “All the human beings are one and the same internally and externally. God is one only. Do not quarrel with each other and be united as one family”, the effect of such appeal is temporary only. When the devotee returns back, the emotion is subsided by next day itself.


The reason is that his or her intellectual facility (Buddhi) is not satisfied. You have not given the logical analysis of such concepts. You have worked at the level of mind only and not at the level of intelligence. Mind is the steering rod and the intelligence is the driver. Mind is in the hands of intelligence. Due to this reason only, the Lord started Gita with the concept of knowledge and analysis (Buddhi Yoga). The driving knowledge of the driver is more important than the driver. The correct driving depends on the correct driving knowledge imparted on him by the teacher of the driving school, who is the Satguru.


In the case of Arjuna, the teacher of the driving school himself became the driver! You cannot imagine the fortune of Arjuna. When God Himself became the driver, He is called as Satguru. The word Sat is used to mean God. Guru means guide.



At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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