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The human form of God is the only relevant medium of God for human beings.


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The human form of God is the only relevant medium of God for human beings.


The human form of God is the only relevant medium of God for human beings. To speak this point completely, the contemporary human incarnation is the only way which can respond to your doubts and guide you in the correct spiritual path. The energetic forms exist in this time also but they are not in this world. The past human incarnations existed in this world but do not exist in this time. Due to these two limitations, they can be represented only by statues or photos indirectly. Such statues and photos cannot guide you and also cannot give you the experience of God as a living form.


These also cannot give the satisfaction of receiving your worship directly. You can find all the energetic forms of God and all the past human incarnations in the present alive human form of God. You can only find the past in the present but not the reverse. You can see the face of grand father in the face of grand son but not vice-versa. The same God exists in the present human incarnation. The present human body of God also consists of the same components (Matter, energy and pure awareness). Only the form of the body which is unreal differs. In fact, there are no direct photographs of the energetic forms and there are no direct photographs for almost all the past human incarnations.


The forms presented by the statutes and photos are only imagined by certain artists. Even from this view also the forms are unreal. I do not know why people are so blind to cling to the doubly unreal forms of God. The only reason is the egoism and jealousy which are very difficult to be conquered. At least you treat the present human incarnation as a devotee and a messenger of God and accept Him as your guide. Mohammad called Himself as a messenger of God only.


There is nothing wrong in this. The knowledge given by Mohammad was treated as the knowledge of God only and Muslims follow it strictly and get divine fruits. Jesus also declared Himself as a divine messenger only, but He revealed Himself as God to a few deserving devotees. That information leaked out and the majority rebelled against Him. Krishna never told to anyone that He was even the messenger. He behaved like an ordinary human being with some divine qualities which were common to several divine human beings in that time. Krishna revealed Himself as God vehemently to Arjuna only in the context of certain divine purpose only. Whether the human incarnation is God or messenger, it is immaterial for the devotees. It is sufficient if the devotees believe that the knowledge given by the messenger is from God and follow it.


When the devotees analyze the knowledge and practice it, they will conquer their jealousy and egoism and finally realize that the messenger Himself is God. If the jealousy and egoism are not conquered, the devotees may think that the knowledge given by the messenger is an intellectual interpretation of scriptures so that the messenger Himself manages to fit Himself in the position of the God. But in course of time when the egoism and jealousy are fully conquered they will realize the truth. When such misunderstanding comes, they can themselves analyze the analysis and interpretation of the messenger with their own logic and find out whether it is truth or a twist given by the messenger with selfish motive.


However, they should take long time to analyze the messenger, since several false incarnations exist just for the sake of fascination of the position of the God. The capability of the correct spiritual guidance decides the final truth. One should be very very careful to decide the human form of God (Datta) because Datta is becoming your Satguru to guide you in the spiritual path which is the most important eternal aspect of the fate of the soul. You should not be hasty in this aspect because it is going to decide your eternal divine future.




At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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