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Worship and service to Lord should be without any expectation


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Worship and service to Lord should be without any expectation


When you worship the Lord you should not aspire for any fruit in return. Some people sacrifice work and money but they aspire for some fruit in return. Such a service is again a waste. If you do Nishkama Karma Yoga, which is the service to the Lord without expecting anything from the Lord, then alone will the Lord come in human form and suffer for your sins. Then alone can you get rid of your sins. Other than this one path there is no alternative. Either you have to pay or your father (the Lord in human form) has to pay the fine for your sins. If you pester the Lord through the present rituals and methods of worship, the Lord will only make rearrangements to your file of Karma.


He will bring the good results, which you were supposed to enjoy in your next birth, to the present. However this rearrangement will lead to a loss in value as in case of a premature encashment of deposits. You do not know this secret and you think that you have flattered the Lord and got rid of your sins. What you do not know is that your present sins are thrown to next birth with increased interest. Your future life cycle will be full of miseries from birth to death due to such interference. Therefore the Lord is cleverer than you when you adopt the ways of business with Him.

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