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You must be prepared to suffer for your sins


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You must be prepared to suffer for your sins


In the Hindu religion, astrologers and priests must also realize the truth. By worshipping planets and deities, the results of bad deeds cannot vanish and the results of good deeds that are not done by you, cannot be achieved. God (Parabrahma) pervading all these planets and deities internally, is Lord Datta (God, the contemporary Human Incarnation) and He alone should be worshipped. The fan cannot move without the electric current. The light bulb cannot glow without the electric current flowing through it. The fan and the light bulb are like planets and deities. The electric current is Lord Datta. In other religions, the same current is named as Jehovah or Allah. The Veda says “Bheeshodeti” i.e., the sun shines only by the energy and fear of God. The Veda (Kena Upanishad) says that the power behind all deities is God alone.


So, all these astrologers and priests should be converted into Sadgurus, who preach about Lord Datta. They can also take some money (Guru Dakshina) from the people for their livelihood and there is nothing wrong in it because they are standing for the truth and are giving real help to all the people who believe them. But they should make one thing clear that only Lord Datta can really protect you by taking your sins on Him. He will undergo the punishments for your sake. Except for this way, there is no other way to escape from your sins.


At the same time, you must not expect Lord Datta to take your sins. You must be prepared to suffer for your sins and still continue to worship Him without aspiring for anything in return from Him. You must prove your love by your practical participation in His service. Worship should not be done with mere mind and words.


Instead of worshipping Lord Datta (Sadguru), if you worship planets and deities with selfish desires, your bad results will only be postponed to the later part of this life or your next life. You will have to suffer them later and that too with added interest. The good results that were to be enjoyed in the next life are dragged to the present life with reduced values due to your rituals and selfish worship. They reduce in value like prematurely encashed bank deposits. As a result, your next life is going to be miserable; full of difficulties from birth to death with hardly any good result.

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