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Birthday is to be Celebrated by Society


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Birthday is to be Celebrated by Society


The birthday celebration of your child should be later on and should be done by others and not by the parents and relatives. When this child grows and does some permanent benefit to the society, its birthday is celebrated by the society. Shri Rama Navami, Shri Krishna Ashtami, Shankara Jayanthi, Buddha Purnima, Christmas etc. are performed by the society. You should not celebrate your own birthday, which will be like self-praise. Similarly, you should not celebrate the birthday of your child which is like praising your own child. I do not understand why the parents celebrate the birthday of their child.


What is the greatness of the child that is expressed in the childhood itself? Or, is it for the great act of producing a child? Even animals and birds produce children. The parents should get the real happiness of the celebration of the birthday of their child by the society in future. If this angle does not exist, you can celebrate the birthday of the child in the angle of real worship to God and getting blessings from the real devotees. One of these two angles should be present in the birthday celebrations.

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