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Suicide Is Not Solution For Difficulties


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Suicide Is Not Solution For Difficulties


O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,


[Dasara: Day-10 October 2, 2006] Today Shiridi Sai Baba left His divine body due to a disease transferred on to Him from His devotee. Such decease is like the poison taken by a person who commits suicide. Does this mean that Baba committed suicide? It was not the natural death. The death of Himself was executed by Himself. This point should be clarified to the people who commit suicide in the world. The person is committing suicide by the disturbance created by the illness that entered the body or by some other stress in the external world. This disturbance or stress is the fruit of his own sins and he himself is responsible for his own sins through his own Samskaras. But the illness in the body of Baba was not of that type. Sometimes a person may compare himself to Baba since he is committing suicide to remove the problem of his beloved souls as you see in the Titanic cinema. Such sacrifice is foolish because his sacrifice is limited to the Pravrutti (Behavior of a soul with other souls). After the suicide, the fellow is going to hell (Asuryaa Nama…The Veda) for spoiling his precious human life meant for achieving the grace of God. The soul for which he committed suicide does not even recognize him after this birth. He is not benefited in any way by such sacrifice. He should think that his life is as important as the life of the soul for which he is committing the suicide. He thinks that the main aim of his life is only the other beloved soul and not the beloved Lord. Gopikas jumped into fire for Krishna and they were granted the top most world by the Lord for such suicide which is in the field of Nivrutti. But the beloved soul cannot do anything for this fellow who is going to hell. You may say that the sacrifice of this fellow should be appreciated. The sacrifice becomes appreciable only when the sacrifice is done to a deserving person.


A person wrote the story, directed and produced the cinema. After seeing his own cinema, he is upset and runs out of the theatre. When he goes into the world he will face more serious situations. Therefore, running away from the theatre is not the solution. He should have written the story of cinema properly. Still, even after the show he can censor the film and modify the picture. That is the solution. For such modification he can take the help of the senior producer. I heard that a cinema which ended with tragedy in love was censored after the show, since the reaction of the public was very serious. I am explaining the case of a person who is upset in his life and commits suicide. When he leaves this world (theatre), he will enter the hell which is very very harsh. Let him take the guidance of Sadguru and change his Samskaras so that he can censor his life and regenerate the life in modified form. Becoming inert to the life with the help of Atma Yoga (Self attainment) is like taking sleep tablets in the theatre so that he avoids seeing the picture. Such a person will be born as inert object so that he will not have any possibility of producing any cinema forever. I heard that there was an advertisement about a medicine that cures the pain of teeth. The advertisement says that the pain of the teeth will be permanently cured since the medicine will remove all the teeth forever! The philosophy of Advaitin resembles this. Please note that I have told that this is the philosophy of Advaitin but not as the philosophy of Shankara. Ramanuja always says that He is criticizing the philosophy of the followers of Shankara but not Shankara (Yaduchyate Shaankaraih...). Therefore, forced death is not at all the solution.

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