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The self is the inert energy and is the working element


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The self is the inert energy and is the working element


216. Naadvaitamekasaamyaat tadbrahmaatmanaam.


Translation: By single similarity, the monism cannot be concluded in God, Brahman and the self.


Explanation: The self is the inert energy and is the working element. The work done by self is the triad of qualities. The self is beyond its work or the triad of qualities (Sattvam, Rajas and Tamas) and therefore it is beyond the qualities (Gunaatita). Since, self is the same cosmic energy qualitatively; the cosmic energy or Brahman is also beyond the qualities (Gunaatita). Comparing self and cosmic energy, we can build the logic, which states that since self is beyond qualities, cosmic energy is also beyond qualities and hence both the self and cosmic energy are one and the same. God is also beyond qualities (Gunaatita) since God is beyond the entire creation. Qualities are a part of the creation and hence God is beyond the qualities. Now you cannot apply the same logic existing between self (Atman) and cosmic energy (Brahman) to self and God (Parabrahman). You cannot say that since self and God are beyond qualities, the self must be God. Self and cosmic energy are items of creation. The logic applicable to the creation cannot be applied to self (item of creation) and God (creator). Even in the case of self and cosmic energy, the similarity is only qualitative and still the quantitative difference exists. In the case of self and God, the difference is total because self is imaginable and God is unimaginable. Similarly, the cosmic energy (the first item of creation) is imaginable and is totally different from the unimaginable God. Even in the case of the items of creation, based on one similarity, you cannot conclude that two items are one and the same. Since, the king and beggar are human beings, you cannot say that king and beggar are one and the same based on single similarity.

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