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Liberated soul in human incarnation should never go egoistic


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Liberated soul in human incarnation should never go egoistic

224. Bhagavaduktaa gitaa yashodaanaat na bhaargavastu.


Translation: The Gita was spoken by God directly and not by the liberated soul in the human incarnation. God gives the credit to the liberated soul. Parashurama declared otherwise and got insulted.

Explanation: Whenever the human incarnation declares itself as God, such a declaration may be from the God-component directly or from the liberated soul. While preaching the Gita, Krishna declared that He is the ultimate God. These declarations are from the God directly due to the requirement of such declarations. Hence, everywhere it is written that God is speaking (Shri Bhagavan uvacha…) and not that Krishna is speaking (Krishna uvaacha…). In the case of Parashurama, who is also an equivalent human incarnation (since He is one of the ten incarnations), a declaration that none can oppose Him was made. This declaration was from the liberated soul and hence, there was a subsequent insult at the hands of Rama. When Arjuna asked Krishna to repeat the Gita at the end of the war, Krishna said that He is unable to repeat it again. This is the reply from Krishna (liberated soul). Krishna was true in His reply because He wishes to establish the fact of the existence of God in a liberated soul, in the same human body. Krishna was not hypocritical to save His ego by saying that He does not want to repeat since Arjuna was not attentive when He spoke first. When God is speaking directly the Gita, He used the voice of Krishna as His instrument. God can speak from space also without the help of any human voice. But when an instrument is available, the superpower is never exhibited by God. The liberated soul was blessed and God entered it to give all the credit to the liberated soul. For this purpose also God spoke through Krishna only.

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