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When Kwame Brown won the At-Large Council seat from Harold Brazil in 2004, it was not because of his experience at anything, especially politics. In fact, many people said Kwame didn't have a job at the time. He lied on his literature claiming to have graduated from a well-known college when in fact he took one course. Who knows he might have failed that. Nonetheless, Kwame was the overwhelming choice of the voters. Why?


Harold Brazil, considered to be one of the laziest councilmembers until this last crop were sworn in, angered many Black people with the race track incident still buzzing in their minds. No DC resident could ever find him. Plus, the deal between the Ward 6 Dems and citywide Black Dems was satisfied. Ward 6 got Sharon Ambrose and Harold became an at-large representative who did absolutely nothing.


Kwame had his signs out two years before the election. No one knew him. But we saw the signs. It was a signal to get rid of Harold. By the time we did see Kwame, he was a turnoff but still good enough to kick Harold out of office. Kwame's father Marshall was introducing Kwame around town. "Have you met my son?" "Who," people would ask. Kwame looked like he does today like he didn't have a clue. Hoping for a better candidate, people ignored Kwame until the last minute.


By the time the primary rolled around, there was no one to challenge Harold with money and name recognition. Afterall, new mothers were naming their sons Kwame by now. The posters were out there for two years!


Surprisingly, Kwame got it. People "knew" Kwame was a dunce from the beginning but served a purpose to remove Harold out of the seat. Now that we have created a monster with our own hands - how do we rid ourselves of it. Kwame hasn't gotten any smarter. In fact, he's brain dead! The only thing that he does is campaign because it does not require much brainpower.


He's got hundreds of pictures with seniors, babies, schoolchildren, citywide political leaders, the mayor, and police chief. He makes cameo visits to big events, smiles, shakes hands and scoots out before he is asked to reply to an email he was sent that he failed to answer! His father works for DC City Council Chairman Vincent Gray.


In every ward in this city, residents and leaders are talking strongly about removing Kwame from office while this dummy is talking about running against Fenty in 2010.


Kwame has managed to get plenty of money and no doubt will be backed by the other do-nothing Council groupies. Kwame has also maneuvered a few dollars for some local Black male organizations to say how great his dunce act is. But most people are not fooled.


We want to publicly thank Kwame for helping us remove Harold from office but that's it. You've been paid well, now move on...District voters can't afford to allow Kwame to remain on the council for another term.


Picture a cartoon showing someone who campaigns, wins an election and afterwards doesn't have a clue what to do until the next campaign season - that's Kwame. Quite frankly, people are sick of his campaign. It stinks. It is a constant reminder how Kwame did not look out for the best interest of the residents who voted for him. GO AWAY - Kwame. Start looking for a real job.


If Kwame gets back in office this says that Black Democratic voters will fall for any trick in the book.


Kwame is like a firecracker that did not go off! We can not afford four more years of his stupidity!

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