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18MW Renewable Energy Power Plant For Sale

Guest Lane Kadel

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Guest Lane Kadel

The site is configured with two Lurgi multi-hearths, bubbling fluidized bed furnaces with numerous modifications. Post combustor, super-heater, then into the steam boiler. Boilers process the steam into a turbine, which operates the Alstrom 18 megawatt generator. The facility,commissioned in 1988, was designed to handle large volumes of cow manure (1200 tons/day) as a waste-to-energy plant.


The existing site houses an agri-waste to energy facility consisting of a power generating station and support buildings. The 18-megawatt power generation facility is located in an industrially zoned region of the County and was initially developed in 1986-1988 with a Conditional Use Permit.


The power plant facility is composed of a number of buildings and features. A large storage building on the east side, which was used to store fuel (manure). The main power generating portion of the facility is composed of (2) large furnaces, boilers, ductwork, baghouse, exhaust stack, turbine, generator, transformers, cooling towers water treatment fuel handling system, and ash handling systems. A small metal building containing offices, lab, control room, battery room, switchgear room and locker room facilities. A shop building for housing trucks and equipment. A raw water storage pond, septic and leaching systems and a storm-water runoff basin. The site is enclosed by chain link fence. All utilities are installed underground except electric transmission lines which are overhead.




The structural steel framing and miscellaneous steel components are in good condition, no scaling of the steel components were observed. All connections of the structural steel members were intact and in good condition.


The contract construction drawings for the foundation indicated that the plant is resting on driven concrete piles with concrete pile caps and footings supporting the structure. The steel column base plates rest on concrete pedestals, which are connected to the pile caps.


The concrete pedestals are cracking and sprawling, however, after chipping at the pedestals the concrete is loose only at the perimeter of the base plate and not below the ground surface. While chipping at the concrete pedestals, it was also observed under the face of the base plate was solid




Steam Turbine and Generator


Multi‑Hearth Furnace A & B


Compressed Air System


Condenser System




Fuel Unloading and Direct Feed to Top of Furnace System


Fuel Storage and Bucket Elevator


Fire protection System


Electrical Switchgear and MCC rooms have a Halon System installed


System Control Room has a Halon System Installed


Office building has fire sprinklers


Plant area has ground level fire hydrants


Water Treatment System


The existing water treatment system was not used after a few years of operation, an outside company supplied a system and treated the water which is no longer on site.


The existing water treatment system equipment is in good condition.


System Controls


Supply Water


The supply of water is through a channel into an onsite lake. The condition on the lake


appeared to be good condition. The pumps for the filling of the lake are in good condition


and are being used.


Fuel Storage Area


There is a fuel storage area for diesel and gas tanks, the tanks and the concrete


containment looks good.


Emergency Fire Pump & Generator


There is an emergency fire pump and generator located next to the lake. Both the pump


and the generator are in good condition and were observed in operation.






Ash Conveyors Under the Boilers


Ash Conveyors Under the Baghouse


Bucket Elevator to the Ash Holding Tank


Fuel Feed Bucket Elevators to the Furnaces


Baghouse Vibration System


Diesel Generator at the Fuel Feed Control Room


Steam Turbine/Generator and it's Oil System


Fan to the Fuel Feed Grizzly


Compressor System A & B


Diesel Generator and Fire Pump


Tractors 7 100 and 7200


Contact Lane Kadel for more details.

Phone: 503-239-5157

Fax: 503-239-5136


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