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Tehran Warns US Forces To Not Enter Territory

Guest Jenson

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Guest Jenson

Tehran on Tuesday warned US forces in Iraq against chasing suspects inside Iranian territory.


"Any entrance to the Iranian soil by any US military force to trail suspects would be against international laws and could be pursued legally," Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini told a press conference here today.


Asked about Iran's possible reaction to a US classified document, dated 2005, which allows US military forces in Iraq to chase former members of Saddam Hussein's government and terrorists across Iraq's borders into Iran and Syria, the spokesman warned that Iran would "give proper response to any move in this connection in a bid to defend its security and national sovereignty."


The document, which was made public recently by independent organization Wikileaks on its website, outlined the rules of engagement for the American division based in Baghdad and central Iraq in 2005. Some American officials said the document appeared authentic, Xinhua reported.


However, the release of the classified document by Wikileaks Sunday drew sharp criticism from the American military command in Baghdad, which termed it as an irresponsible action.


"While we will not comment on whether this is, in fact, an official document, we do consider the deliberate release of what Wikileaks believes to be a classified document is irresponsible and, if valid, could put US military personnel at risk," said Rear Admiral Gregory Smith, spokesman for the command.


Elsewhere, Hosseini noted Iran's recent aerospace tests, and assured that country's satellite to be placed into the orbit in the near future has a scientific, research and commercial mission.


"Iran's Omid (Hope) Satellite is a manifestation of the scientific and technological progress made by the country's scientists and is solely aimed at serving the nation. Tehran strives to achieve state-of-the-art technologies to meet its domestic and international needs," he said.


He stated that Iran's access to space sciences is not a threat to the world; rather, it provides an opportunity for the country to have better interaction with other countries in this field.



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