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Most everybody understands the expression about getting Greeked.


Well in Washington, DC we are literally getting Greeked by our Greek-American acting Attorney General Peter J. Nickles who is a modern day Georgios Papadopoulos (Dictator of Greece, 1967-1974) in the worse way imaginable.


Peter (Papadopoulos) Nickles who is not and has never been a resident or taxpayer of the District of Columbia has through a Greek style Coup d'état taken over all legal aspects of the District government and has chased away any all all persons who do not share in his vision.


Our concern about Peter (Papadopoulos) Nickles is two fold and they are:


1. He wrote his own bio and over inflated his skills and what he has done as a lawyer in private practice most of which is untrue in real terms; and


2. He may have an alcohol addiction that impairs his ability to function, his judgment and may be a factor in his volatile personality.


A more careful examination of the reality of the things Peter (Papadopoulos) Nickles has done, it all shows that he is no amicus humani generis and the juduciary committee of the DC City Council should force his ouster and require that he be replaced by a resident of the District of Columbia for the good of the District.

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