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In the State of the District Address, Mayor Adrian Fenty attempted to take full credit for all the outward changes in the physical appearance of our public schools which he has no right to do.


The truth is, all that voters now see is the result of the acts, plans and more committed and done by former DC Mayor Anthony Williams which Fenty inherited. This fact may be why none of the local media was impressed with Fenty's State of the District Address with the Washington City Paper calling it "Not Noteworthy"! See City Paper Review


Since the voters are ignorant of who did what, when and where, Fenty has taken advantage of this fact and has been grossly untruthful to the voters as if he should be credited for what voters now see taking place when in fact, Fenty had little if anything to do with it other than maybe a few slaps of paint, a door knob or two, a few windows but that is giving him more credit than he actually deserves.


Voters need to better educate themselves to what our leaders really have done otherwise they will again allow themselves to be deceived by Fenty and people like him.


The DC Police upon paying us a recent visit concerning our public criticism of Mayor Fenty asked our publisher why we cannot say anything nice about Mayor Fenty. Simple, he hasn't done anything worth praising but spewing out a lot of hype, frauds and more.



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