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The Mt. Pleasant Street Fire - Waiting For The Cover Up

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The Mt. Pleasant Street Fire

Waiting For The Cover Up




Two days after the noted fire in the Mount Pleasant Street area of Washington, DC, fire investigators are shifting through the rumble to determine the cause of this unprecedented fire.


Since Mayor Adrian Fenty and most of the members of the DC City Council have been in bed with developers, we would question whether or not the public will get an honest inveigation as to the cause of the fire which most suspect was set by the owner(s) to force out the tenants so the building could go condo.


When you have a mayor who has stolen from the elderly, beats his wife, has done drugs, has been a part of the gentrification problem not part of the solution and you add a handful of city council member who are just as sleazy, the people shouldn't expect an honest investigation but a cover-up to protect a campaign contributor.



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