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Problems With Google Mail

Guest Blue Leader

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Guest Blue Leader

Does anyone have a contact address for the Google Mail team?


I am experiencing problems with the service. The front page won't load most of the time; I get a blank browser window and the word "Done" at the bottom. It happens on IE 6.0, Firefox, and Mozilla.


Anybody else has this problem? :angry:

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If I get your problem right:




Here are some potential causes and solutions:



If you are using Internet security or personal firewall software, we suggest you disable it for troubleshooting purposes.



If you are using Internet Explorer, please follow these steps to reset your browser's preferences:


From the Tools menu at the top of your browser, select 'Internet Options'

From the Privacy tab, select 'Low'

Select 'Edit' and type 'google.com' into the 'Address of Website' field

Select 'Accept' to override the handling of particular cookies

From the Security tab, check that the setting is at 'Medium' or lower

Click 'OK' to accept changes


Clearing a browser's cache often helps resolve Gmail log in problems. To clear your browser's cache in IE, please follow these steps:

Close all open browser windows, and then open a new one

From the Tools menu at the top of your browser, select 'Internet Options'

From the General tab at the top of the dialog box, select 'Temporary Internet files' > 'Delete Files'

Check the 'Delete all offline content' box

Click 'OK' and close your browser window to complete the process

Finally, close your browser window, and open another to log in to Gmail. If you are able to log in to your Gmail account, you can try raising the Privacy setting to 'Low' or 'Medium.'






There appears to be a problem with versions of Firefox that weren't downloaded directly from Mozilla.

To solve this issue, we suggest reinstalling Firefox 0.8 directly from http://mozilla.org/products/firefox/.




If that doesn't answer your question - You can report a problem through the help link once you log in your gmail acct.


All the best,

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Guest traveller

Is anyone having a dns problem with logging into gmail? I was able to log in up until about four days ago, now can't get on at all and getting a DNS error. I tried all of the suggestions, disabling my Norton Internet Security, lowering my privacy options to low and allowing for all cookies, dumping my cache, etc.... and still no access. Before I would just go to www.gmail.com and it went directly to gmail.google.com, now that doesn't work at all and gmail.google.com won't pull up. Anyone else having this problem? I would love to email google about it, but can't get to the support section, because can't get on the site period! Help, anyone??



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