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Democrats Push For $130.7 Million In New Property Taxes

Guest Maryland Republican Party

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Guest Maryland Republican Party

At a time when Marylanders are feeling the pinch of higher gas prices, soaring utility rates, and hikes in the cost of household goods, Democrats in the General Assembly are pushing for over $130 million in new property taxes.


Democrat leaders recently held hearings on Senate Bill 302 and House Bill 512, which would impose a new tax on Maryland families that would total $130.7 million in 2010 and increase each year thereafter. This would amount to an additional state property tax rate of $0.05 per $100 of assessed value for operating real property of a public utility and $0.02 for all other real property.


The new taxes would be used to start a new government program, the Maryland Affordable Housing Investment Fund. SB 302 and HB 512 would grow state government, creating a new board to administer the Fund with 14 new bureaucrat positions that would receive 4.4% annual pay raises without regard to budget shortfalls, inflation, or the job performance of the employee.


Dr. Jim Pelura, Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, released the following statement:


“Martin O’Malley and the Democrats have not learned their lesson. They cannot tax the state into prosperity. In a volatile housing market, the last thing anyone should do is raise the property tax. What they should do is lower the property tax rate to provide Maryland families with the relief that they need right now. Marylanders are overtaxed and cannot afford more government programs. Martin O’Malley and the Democrats need to realize that they have a spending problem, not a revenue problem

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