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Today the District of Columbia has a colorful list of crooks inside our government but years ago, we had a real hard core crook in the person of DC Councilman H.R. Crawford.


Yesterday was H.R. Crawford Day at the John Wilson Building, as D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray (D) and members Yvette M. Alexander (D-Ward 7) and Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) showered praise on the former council member and presented him with a resolution. Why? Go figure as H.R. Crawford is the poster boy of all that is wrong with DC politics.


H.R. Crawford was one of DC’s former council members but runs a real estate business on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE and has his hands in many things thanks to his former status on the DC City Council where he managed over the years to see that contracts and more were steered his way long after he left the council.


I had the pleasure of sitting down in a meeting (1997) with Crawford in a business deal as my father was the chairman of the board of Mohawk Industries (world’s largest textile and floor covering manufacturer) because of Crawford’s needs surrounding his real estate dealings and holdings.


What struck me funny was his ignorance of matters, his poor command of the English language, his ill prepared presentation, his constant nodding off during the meeting as he sat in his big easy chair, but what made me and others walk out of the meeting was Crawford’s demand for a kick back. Kick back? Yes, he wanted a kick back. Screw him!


H.R. Crawford has always been a crooked politican and businessman, but I made a decision that I could not do business with an jackass like H.R. Crawford and it makes me scratch my head and wonder why DC Council Chairman Gray would want to honor a piece of trash like H.R. Crawford!

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