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While the majority of readers fully enjoy and support all that I say here and elsewhere, there are a handful of people who are constantly criticizing us and me in particular, but that criticism comes mainly from people of the LGBT community because I will not endorse their immoral and unnatural life-style.


Obviously what I write here and elsewhere upsets people so much that they cannot function normally without the need to leash out vehemently which show me how unstable emotionally they really are and re-affirms our opposition to them, but that opposition comes from the facts: 1. That the LGBT life-style shortens a person's life by 17 years; 2. That the LGBT life-style sees 55% of such people developing medical problems begining in their early 30's; and 3. That the LGBT life-style is responsible for 95% of all heterosexual women contracting the HIV Virus.


I guess the truth hurts but the more I am hated, the more I realize that I am doing the right thing as the overwhelming number of emails I receive supports m because way too many are upset over their voices and vote being drwoned out by the LGBT people who have taken over DC Government with 8 of the 13 members of the DC City Council being LGBT.

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