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John Kerry's Retirement

Guest Jim Ogonowski

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Guest Jim Ogonowski

I'm working to retire John Kerry from the Senate and the national Democrats know I can succeed. Kerry's liberal friends in Washington will stop at nothing to keep him in the Senate. But I know I can beat him in November and bring change to Washington and I need your help to do it.


The Democrats are scared of my candidacy. Last year I came extremely close to winning a special Congressional election; despite being outspent five to one in a Democrat-leaning district. The national Democrats poured millions of dollars into the Congressional race to defend what should have been a "safe" seat for the Democrats and I have no doubt they'll spend even more to keep John Kerry in the Senate.


Kerry's own campaign is acknowledging the threat of my candidacy! They're so scared of the prospect of losing that they've stooped to low and desperate attempts to attack GOP Senate candidates and our state parties. Just this weekend, they said my state party is a "federal disaster" and an "endangered species."


Join me in proving the liberals wrong. Today, I'm asking you- as a dedicated conservative- to support my campaign with a contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500 or more.


Washington is too big, too corrupt and too controlled by partisan politicians. It is time we change the way Washington does business. I want to go to Washington to end wasteful spending, secure our borders from those who threaten our national security and reduce your tax burden by repealing the death tax and making the current tax cuts permanent.


But I won't be able to do any of this without your help today. Please follow this link to make a generous contribution to my campaign right away. We've estimated we will need to raise at least eight million to beat Kerry and any amount you can give today will put us one step closer to reaching our goal.


John Kerry still has a war-chest full of millions from his failed presidential run and he'll use every penny to keep his Senate seat. While Kerry relies on his expansive war chest and personal funds, I am relying on the generosity of the GOP grassroots to fund my campaign.


Please follow this link right away to give whatever you can today - whether it's $25 or $250 to help me defeat John Kerry in November.


As a farmer, small businessman, and retired lieutenant colonel who spent 28 years in the United States Air Force and Air National Guard, I stand ready to take on John Kerry and the national liberal establishment who will stop at nothing to keep him in the Senate. With your support today, I know I can win this election and retire one of the country's most liberal Senators.



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