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Over 47,000,000 Americans and/or 97,000 Washingtonians do not have health care insurance and/or access to health care which can mean the difference between life and death when a major illness hits.


The only people standing in the way of each of you being able to afford or meet your health care needs are our elected officials who have been opposed to mandatory health care coverage for all and stopping insurance companies from denying and/or cancelling insurance coverage.


While we all come to here to post our gripes which in the total scheme of things is petty, more important matters face us which we do not put half the energy into.



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Guest We Want Healthcare

There is now a bill in Congress, H.R. 676 that offers a new and exciting way for you and your fellow citizens to work together and help make the dream of affordable health insurance for every American a reality. According to the World Health Organization, the US is ranked 37th in the world in providing adequate health care services to its citizens. Most Americans would agree that this is simply not acceptable and has to change.


H.R. 676 simply calls for the expansion and improvement of the current and extremely successful Medicare system, widely recognized as one of the most cost efficient medical management systems in the world, to be upgraded and expanded to include all Americans rather than just those over age 65.


The concept of national health insurance for all citizens has been on the table since the Truman era back in the 1950’s. Our politicians have had over half a century to work out a plan yet aside from the basic Medicare model, which has recently been so badly watered down by an ultra conservative administration in favor of even more corporate profits, nothing of any kind has been accomplished. In the meantime every other modern industrialized country in the world has passed us by and managed to find a way to do it. Why not us? Well, for one thing, the huge and powerful health insurance industry in this country has spent so much money on lobbying and contributing to the campaigns of so many politicians that they pretty much own and control the political process insofar as health insurance issues are concerned. Quite frankly, their main purpose is to make sure that things remain pretty much as they are regardless of how many people are left without any real access to the medical care system. Consequently, another way must be found. That way is to directly organize and focus the will of the people themselves to help bring about the needed changes. That’s where HR676.org, Inc. comes in and the vehicle we intend to use to make this happen is a massive, professional, ongoing nationwide advertising campaign financed by public contributions, a campaign that will focus on educating the public as to the benefits of national health insurance for all.



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