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This man, who will celebrate his 63 years on February 15, remains in certain connections a mystery. Better than whoever, it only incarnates with him all the complexity of the semi-official relations between the United States and L’Saudi Arabia. On the majority of the significant subjects : contracts D’armament, captures many time missed Osama bin Laden, management of the relations with the legions of moudjahidines after the fall of L’the USSR…


After September 11, 2001, its name was largely médiatisé under its implication in the Saoudi policy with L’regard of the moudjahidines Arab D’Afghanistan and the Talibans.


Thereafter, it continued a prestigious diplomatic career, D’access as Ambassadeur of the Saoudi kingdom in London, then in Washington, September 13, 2005. But, it brutally gave up this last load, February 2, 2007.


www.geopolitique.com proposes to you to download a signed letter of its hand, of eleven pages, qu’it wrote on May 2, 2003 with L’attention of American justice, in order to clarify its role in the policy of the Saudi kingdom with regard to Osama bin Laden and of the Talibans.


Prince Turki specifies there in particular some of initiatives qu’it took lorsqu’it directed the Saoudi secret service of the GID, September 1, 1977 to August 31, 2001. And evokes its meetings with Usama bin Laden, since 1984, in the buildings of L’Saoudi embassy D’Islamabad.


According to him, its last direct contacts with the leaders Talibans to negotiate an extradition D’Usama bin Laden go up in September 1998.


However, the reasons of its dismissal of the GID, by decree of the crown prince on August 31, 2001, and then even qu’it had been renewed before in these functions on May 25, 2001, are not clearly exposed in its deposition.


A note of the DGSE of October 2, 2001, devoted to this episode, estimates that the crown prince Abdallah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud (L’current sovereign Saoudi) showed himself increasingly critical in " the connection of the Afghan policy of the ex-director of the GID. This one, founded on material aids with the mode of Tâlebân would have mésestimé their determination to support Usama bin Laden ".


Later, of 2002 to 2007, in his diplomatic activities, the prince Turki S’is in particular surrounded of Jamal Kashoggi which, formerly, had made office D’intermediate for the contacts deprived with Usama bin LadeN.


Language of the document : English

Identification : signature of prince Turki and seal of ’Saudi Embassy of London.



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