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this weekend is the NFL combine


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This Saturday is the NFL combine to see who will make it to the Draft. I am going to watch the whole thing and have my tea and cookies too. I hope we will go to fan appreciation day this year with DCpages and have fun too. Luke, ED, and I are die hard Washington Redskins fans for life. I am ready for the NFL draft this year so much.

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Guest skinsfan_*

The Skins had the ability to win this year and let it slip away time and time again with serious tragities but we have become a stronger team mentally and physically so we will have to redeam ourselves this coming year.

I am a female and I love my Redskins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait for the draft either.

GOOOOO SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am happy that you and I like the Washington Redskins. I am ready for the NFL draft too and I think we will do great this year and have a great season. I have a game worn jersey that I brought from the Redskins store and I am going to work hard at my job so I can go to a game with my friends at DCpages this year. I hope you will write me soon. Your friend Joe knight.

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