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The thirteen people you see in the picture above have voted themselves:


1. A part-time salary three (3x) (Over $100,000.00 a year)more than the average worker makes in DC at their full time job;


2. A health care insurance package better than 80% of all people in DC who have health care coverage get from their employer;


3. A potential retirement pension that will afford them far more income than most people will get from their employers; and


4. Other perks you will never see.


Yet, these people give themselves all of this from your hard earned tax dollars but while they vote themselves all of these nice things, they do little or nothing for you like increasing the DC minimum wage to a liveable wage, making health care coverage mandatory on all employers, holding down housing costs with freezes or lower ceilings and more because it is all a game to them and they are in it for themselves.


The voters of DC need to stop this abuse by these people and demand under law that they may not vote themselves anything unless they vote by law that all people in DC get the same through their employer as we are their employer and make all they get possible through the taxes we pay. In other words, just compensation is one thing but they have taken it to a level of sheer greed.

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