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Back in 2006, when I was running for the ward 3 DC city council seat I had begun stating there were overt signs that the US and DC economy was sagging and I was called crazy, stupid and these words came from the campaign office of DC Council Woman Mary M. Cheh and quickly linked to her office at the PN Hoffman building I.P. address and to accounts owned by Anna Maria Baristow who was Cheh's campaign manager, and from Joseph Sternlieb which was quickly linked to his home IP address with Comcast.


As such, I ran a campaign on matters of economics of reduced property taxes and other hidden taxes which I was also criticized for but soon many are going to regret their failure to see the writing on the wall as all that Cheh has done to date has been to push legislation designed to insult and injury minorities and to weaken their economic opportunites but has done nothing that will benefit DC or the voters of ward 3 and that is because she is bent on pushing her hidden racist agenda!


Even Federal Reserve policymakers recognized the tail spin to come back when I spoke of it and now: Their huge double dose of medicine for the sickly economy was not a cure.


On Wednesday, the Fed downgraded its expectations for economic growth this year, citing damage from the housing slump and credit crunch. It said it also expects higher unemployment and inflation.


Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and his colleagues are concerned the economy could continue to weaken, even after their aggressive interest rate cuts last month. In their words, “the committee agreed that downside risks to growth would remain even after this action,” according to minutes of the Fed’s Jan. 29-30 closed door meeting. The minutes were released Wednesday.


The beauty of Cheh's stupidity is, it will be her constituents of ward 3 who will get hit hardest will lower housing values, a greater risk of being laid-off, loss of income if they are self-employed and their investments will take a hit throughout 2008-2009 but they deserve it after voting for someone who was in the pockets of those who created this mess; Developers according to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and President Bush.


Let the dummies of ward 3 pay for their greedy stupidity and let's see how much property tax revenue the DC government will lose in the next two years because of its stupidity and failure to act in early 2006 while pandering to Developers who have caused this economic mess for DC.

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