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Coca-Cola's Washington DC Super Bowl Advertisement

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Washington, DC grabbed the spotlight in a Coca-Cola commercial that aired during Super Bowl XLII. A staggering 97.5 million viewers were exposed to the 60 second spot, which was facilitated by the DC Office of Motion Picture and TV Development. Considering that Super Bowl advertisers paid approximately $2.7 million for 30 seconds of air time, the media value of this endorsement is tremendous.


Check out James Carville and Bill Frist as they frolic in the nation's capital. The unlikely duo tours the city via Open Top Sightseeing, rolls past the White House on Segways, attends a Washington Wizards game at the Verizon Center and visits the Corcoran Gallery of Art before they round out their adventure on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.



View the video at YouTube.


"Jinx - Buy me a Coke!" You'll hear that in the beginning of one of our commercials airing during Sunday's big game. The ad, called "Jinx," features Democratic strategist and commentator James Carville and former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (a Republican).


You'll see the full commercial on Sunday, but I've got some behind-the-scenes footage to show you now. You'll hear what the politicos thought about starring in the ad, and can see what it looked like when they were filming.


Here's what you need to know before watching the video: The "jinx – buy me a Coke" starts Frist and Carville off on a day of sightseeing in Washington DC (as if they aren’t familiar with the city!). They forget their party differences over the Cokes. (If you're not familiar with the overall "jinx" idea, it's when two people say the same thing at the same time, and the first one to say "jinx" literally gets the other to buy him a Coke.)


Oh, and one other thing you need to know: Carville is the one without the hair!



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