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Guest Will_Burns

January 10 2008



Fight the Tech Tax


Together with the Tech Council of Maryland and many other local chambers, business organizations and companies throughout the state, we are launching a coalition to repeal the tax, which is set to take effect July 1. Visit the coalition website at www.FightTheTechTax.com.

We oppose the computer services sales tax because it will stifle economic development and damage Maryland’s competitiveness. Innovative technologies fuel business growth and job creation. Regardless of company size or industry sector, Maryland businesses rely on computer services to compete. Imposing a 6 percent sales tax on computer services like web design, network maintenance and custom programming is bad public policy.

For more information or to contact your legislators, CLICK HERE.


Posted by Will Burns on January 10, 2008 1:44 PM to 2008 General Assembly Session


Contact your legislators and urge them to repeal the computer services sales tax.

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