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Congressman Zach Ramp Discusses Nuclear Energy


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This week’s video podcast (vodcast) version of the “America's Business” radio program features Tennessee Congressman Zach Wamp discussing the resurgent nuclear power industry in the United States. He is a member of the House Nuclear Energy Issues Working Group.



View the video at YouTube.


WHO: Rep. Zach Wamp (R-TN)


Rep. Wamp on developing America’s role in nuclear energy:


“There’s too many people in Congress saying let’s not do nuclear. And they literally are not being realistic when they are the ones who formed this climate change/global warming committee because they think this is a pressing issue. The reasonable ones will tell you when the doors are closed that they accept nuclear as part of the solution.”


Rep. Wamp on Chinese environmental regulations:


“Let’s lead on this issue. Let’s advance nuclear, let’s solve the problems of the world. Let’s build energy technologies out of this country and export them to the world. Frankly, let’s lead on energy in the next 20 years the same way we lead on information in the last 20 years and we will preserve our way of life. But it means technology, not regulation.”


“Let me tell you, China is out of control in a lot of ways. And with the environment they are definitely out of control. The politicians in China look at the environment the same way politicians in Washington look at Social Security and Medicare. They know it’s in trouble, they know there is a problem, but they’re not willing to do anything…and if China doesn’t change the way it’s doing things, you won’t cool the earth, you won’t reduce fossil emissions, and you won’t be in an offensive mode in climate change.

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