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Scientology-Victims-Testimonies.com announces its launch. The website is dedicated to bring and present the video testimonies of Scientology cult victims.


Scientology-Victims-Testimonies.com is a first of its kind website, featuring video testimonies by the victims of the Scientology cult. The victims talk about their experiences with "Nazi" style organization, tell their stories about how they got involved with the cult, went through horrifying nightmares and had trouble to get out.


The launch of this website follows the recent cyber upraise against the Scientology cult. The cyber upraise was a result of the controversial video featuring Tom Cruise leaked to the Internet. The Video first appeared on YouTube, but shortly after was pooled down after the Scientology cult lodged a copyright infringement complaint. Since then the video has resurfaced on Gawker.com which has stated it will not remove the video.


Quote from theregister.co.uk news article by John Leyden

The Church of Scientology has a long history of conflict with Internet groups. Back in 1995, for example, lawyers acting for the Church of Scientology attempted to get the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup pulled from Usenet. The bid backfired, instead serving to increase the popularity of the a.r.s. newsgroup and leading to a declaration of war by noted hacker group Cult of the Dead Cow - a conflict that became known as "Scientology versus the Internet".


The Scientology-Victims-Testimonies.com web site was designed and developed by a group of activists based in Europe. The group is operating together to bring the stories of people willing to share their experiences with the Scientology cult.


About Scientology-Victims-Testimonies.com web site:


Scientology-Victims-Testimonies.com is a first of its kind website, featuring video testimonies by the victims of the Scientology cult. The victims tell their stories about how they got involved with the cult, went through horrifying nightmares and had trouble to get out.



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Here is a list of famous Scientologists in alphabetical order.


Anne Archer

Billy Sheehan

Catherine Bell

Chick Corea

Chris Masterson

Danny Masterson

Edgar Winter

Eduardo Palomo

Geoffrey Lewis

Giovanni Ribisi

Isaac Hayes

Jason Beghe

Jason Lee

Jeff Pomerantz

Jenna Elfman

John Travolta

Judy Norton

Juliette Lewis

Kate Ceberano

Keith Code

Kelly Preston

Kimberly Kates

Kirstie Alley

Leah Remini

Lisa Marie Presley

Lynsey Bartilson

Marisol Nichols

Michael Fairman

Michael Roberts

Michelle Stafford

Nancy Cartwright

Priscilla Presley

Rev. Alfreddie Johnson, Jr.

Sofia Milos

Terry Jastrow

Tom Cruise

Xavier Deluc

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Guest Soldier of God_*

Babalon, also known as The Scarlet Woman, The Great Mother, or the Mother of Abominations, is a goddess found in the mystical system of Thelema, which was established in 1904 with Aleister Crowley's writing of The Book of the Law. In her most abstract form, she represents the female sexual impulse and the liberated woman; although she can also be identified with Mother Earth, in her most fertile sense. At the same time, Crowley believed that Babalon had an earthly aspect in the form of a spiritual office, which could be filled by actual women—usually as a counterpart to his own identification as To Mega Therion (The Great Beast) whose duty was then to help manifest the energies of the current Aeon of Horus.


Babylon is referred to in several places in St. John's Book of Revelation in the Bible (which certainly had an influence on Thelema-Aleister Crowley says he read it as a child and imagined himself as the Beast). She is described in Chapter 17:3-6:


Apocalypse Chapter 17


3 And he took me away in spirit into the desert. And I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.


4 And the woman was clothed round about with purple and scarlet, and gilt with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand, full of the abomination and filthiness of her fornication.


5 And on her forehead a name was written: A mystery: Babylon the great, the mother of the fornications and the abominations of the earth. A mystery... That is, a secret; because what follows of the name and title of the great harlot is to be taken in a mystical sense. Babylon... Either the city of the devil in general; or, if this place be to be understood of any particular city, pagan Rome, which then and for three hundred years persecuted the church; and was the principal seat both of empire and idolatry.


6 And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And I wondered, when I had seen her, with great admiration.


7 And the angel said to me: Why dost thou wonder? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman and of the beast which carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.


8 The beast which thou sawest, was, and is not, and shall come up out of the bottomless pit and go into destruction. And the inhabitants on the earth (whose names are not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world) shall wonder, seeing the beast that was and is not. The beast which thou sawest... This beast which supports Babylon, may signify the power of the devil: which was and is not, being much limited by the coming of Christ, but shall again exert itself under Antichrist. The seven heads of this beast are seven mountains or empires, instruments of his tyranny; of which five were then fallen. (See chap. 13.1, and below, ver. 10.) The beast itself is said to be the eighth, and is of the seven; because they all act under the devil, and by his instigation, so that his power is in them all, yet so as to make up, as it were, an eighth empire, distinct from them all.


9 And here is the understanding that hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, upon which the woman sitteth: and they are seven kings.


10 Five are fallen, one is, and the other is not yet come: and when he is come, he must remain a short time.


11 And the beast which was and is not: the same also is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into destruction.


12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, who have not yet received a kingdom: but shall receive power as kings, one hour after the beast. Ten kings... Ten lesser kingdoms, enemies also of the church of Christ: which, nevertheless, shall be made instruments of the justice of God for the punishment of Babylon. Some understand this of the Goths, Vandals, Huns, and other barbarous nations, that destroyed the empire of Rome.


13 These have one design: and their strength and power they shall deliver to the beast.


14 These shall fight with the Lamb. And the Lamb shall overcome them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings: and they that are with him are called and elect and faithful.


15 And he said to me: The waters which thou sawest, where the harlot sitteth, are peoples and nations and tongues.


16 And the ten horns which thou sawest in the beast: These shall hate the harlot and shall make her desolate and unclothed and shall eat her flesh and shall burn her with fire.


17 For God hath given into their hearts to do that which pleaseth him: that they give their kingdom to the beast, till the words of God be fulfilled.


18 And the woman which thou sawest is the great city which hath kingdom over the kings of the earth.


Liber 49- The Book of Babalon


John Whiteside Parsons (born Marvel Whiteside Parsons on October 2, 1914 – died June 17, 1952), was an American rocket propulsion researcher at the California Institute of Technology and co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Aerojet Corporation. He was also an enthusiastic occultist, and one of the earliest American devotees of Aleister Crowley.


The Book of Babalon, or Liber 49, was claimed by Jack Parsons to be a transmission from the goddess or force called Babalon received by him during the Babalon Working. Parsons also claimed that Liber 49 constituted a "missing" Fourth Chapter of Liber AL Vel Legis The Book of the Law, the definitive "holy text" of Thelema which Aleister Crowley allegedly received from an entity named Aiwass in Cairo April 8, 9 & 10, 1904.


1. Yea, it is I, BABALON.


2. And this is my book, that is the fourth chapter of the Book of the Law, He completing the Name, for I am out of NUIT by HORUS, the incestuous sister of RA-HOOR-KHUIT.


3. It is BABALON. TIME IS. Ye fools.


4. Thou hast called me, oh accursed and beloved fool.


5-8. (Missing and presumed lost.)


9. Now know that I, BABALON, would take flesh and come among men.


10. I will come as a penelous (sic) flame, as a devious song, a trumpet in judgement halls, a banner before armies.


11. And gather my children unto me, for THE TIME is at hand.


12. And this is the way of my incarnation. Heed!


13. Thou shalt offer all thou art and all thou hast at my altar, witholding nothing. And thou shalt be smitten full sore and thereafter thou shalt be outcast and accursed, a lonely wanderer in abominable places.


14. Ye Dare. I have asked of none other, nor have they asked. Else is vain. But thou hast willed it.


15. Know then that thus I came to thee before, thou a great Lord, and I a maid enrapt. Ah blind folly.


16. And thereafter madness, all in vain. Thus it has been, multi-form. How thou hast burned beyond.


17. I shall come again, in the form thou knowest. Now it shall be thy blood.


18. The altar is aright, and the robe.


19. The perfume is sandal, and the cloth green and gold. There is my cup, our book, and thy dagger.


20. There is a flame.


21. The sigil of devotion. Be it consecrated, be it true, be it daily affirmed. I am not scorned. Thy love is to me. Procure a disk of copper, in diameter three inches paint thereon the field blue the star gold of me, BABALON.


22. It shall be my talisman. Consecrate with the supreme rituals of the word and the cup.


23. My calls as thou knowest. All love songs are of me. Also seek me in the Seventh Aire.


24. This for a time appointed. Seek not the end, I shall instruct thee in my way. But be true. Would it be hard if I were thy lover, and before thee? But I am thy lover and I am with thee.


25. I shall provide a vessel, when or whence I say not. Seek her not, call her not. Let her declare. Ask nothing. Keep silence. There shall be ordeals.


26. My vessel must be perfect. This is the way of her perfection.


27. The working is of nine moons.


28. The Astarte working, with music and feasting, with wine and all arts of love.


29. Let her be dedicated, consecrated, blood to blood, heart to heart, mind to mind, single in will, none without the circle, all to me.


30. And she shall wander in the witchwood under the Night of Pan, and know the mysteries of the Goat and the Serpent, and of the children that are hidden away.


31. I will provide the place and the material basis, thou the tears and blood.


32. Is it difficult, between matter and spirit? For me it is ecstacy and agony untellable. But I am with thee. I have large strength, have thou likewise.


33. Thou shalt prepare my book for her instruction, also thou shalt teach that she may have captains and adepts in her service. Yea, thou shalt take the black pilgrimage, but it will not be thou that returnest.


34. Let her prepare her work according to my voice in her heart, with thy book as guide, and none other instructing.


35. And let her be in all things wise, and sure, and excellent.


36. But let her think on this: my way is not in the solemn ways, or in the reasoned ways, but in the wild free way of the eagle, and the devious way of the serpent, and the oblique way of the factor unknown and unnumbered.


37. For I am BABALON, and she my daughter, unique, and there shall be no other women like her.


38. In My Name shall she have all power, and all men and excellent things, and kings and captains and the secret ones at her command.


39. The first servants are chosen in secret, by my force in her - a captain, a lawyer, an agitator, a rebel - I shall provide.


40. Call me, my daughter, and I shall come to thee. Thou shalt be full of my force and fire, my passion and power shall surround and inspire thee; my voice in thee shall judge nations.


41. None shall resist thee, whom I lovest. Though they call thee harlot and whore, shameless, false, evil, these words shall be blood in their mouths, and dust thereafter.


42. But my children will know thee and love thee, and this will make them free.


43. All is in thy hands, all power, all hope, all future.


44. One came as a man, and was weak and failed.


45. One came as a woman, and was foolish, and failed.


46. But thou art beyond man and woman, my star is in thee, and thou shalt avail.


47. Even now thy hour strikes upon the clock of my FATHER. For He prepared a banquet and a Bridal Bed. I was that Bride, appointed from the beginning, as it was written T.O.P.A.N.


48. Now is the hour of birth at hand. Now shall my adept be crucified in the Basilisk abode.


49. Thy tears, thy sweat, thy blood, thy semen, thy love, thy faith shall provide. Ah, I shall drain thee like the cup that is of me, BABALON.


50. Stand thou fast, and I shall pass the first veil to speak with thee, through the stars shake.


51. Stand thou fast, and I shall pass the second veil, while God and Jesus be smitten with the sword of HORUS.


52. Stand thou fast, and I shall pass the third veil, and the shapes of hell shall be turned again to loveliness.


53. For thy sake shall I stride through the flames of Hell, though my tongue be bitten through.


54. Let me behold thee unclothed and lusting after me, calling upon my name.


55. Let me receive all thy manhood within my Cup, climax upon climax, joy upon joy.


56. Yea, we shall conquer death and Hell together.


57. And the earth is mine.


58. Thou shalt (make the?) Black Pilgrimage.


59. Yea it is even I BABALON and I SHALL BE FREE. Thou fool, be thou also free of sentimentality. Am I thy village queen and thou a sophomore, that thou shouldst have thy nose in my buttocks?


60. It is I, BABALON, ye fools, MY TIME is come, and this my book that my adept prepares is the book of BABALON.


61. Yea, my adept, the Black Pilgrimage. Thou shalt be accursed, and this is the nature of the curse. Thou shalt publish the secret matter of the adepts thou knowest, witholding no word of it, in an appendix to this my Book. So they shall cry fool, liar, sot, traducer, betrayer. Thou art not glad thou meddled with magick?


62. There is no other way, dear fool, it is the eleventh hour.


63. The seal of my Brother is upon the earth, and His Avatar is before you. There is threshing of wheat and a trampling of grapes that shall not cease until the truth be known unto the least of men.


64. But you who do not accept, you who see beyond, reach out your hands my children and reap the world in the hour of your harvest.


65. Gather together in the covens as of old, whose number is eleven, that is also my number. Gather together in public, in song and dance and festival. Gather together in secret, be unclothed and shameless and rejoice in my name.


66. Work your spells by the mode of my book, practicing secretly, inducing the supreme spell.


67. The work of the image, and the potion and the charm, the work of the spider and the snake, and the little ones that go in the dark, this is your work.


68. Who loves not hates, who hates fears, let him taste fear.


69. This is the way of it, star, star. Burning bright, moon, witch moon.


70. You the secret, the outcast, the accursed and despised, even you that gathered privily of old in my rites under the moon.


71. You the free, the wild, the untamed, that walk now alone and forlorn.


72. Behold, my Brother cracks the world like a nut for your eating.


73. Yea, my Father has made a house for you, and my Mother has prepared a Bridal Bed. My Brother has confounded your enemies.


74. I am the Bride appointed. Come ye to the nuptials - come ye now!


75. My joy is the joy of eternity, and my laughter is the drunken laughter of a harlot in the house of ecstasy.


76. All you loves are sacred, pledge them all to me.


77. Set my star upon your banners and go forward in joy and victory. None shall deny you, and none shall stand before you, because of the Sword of my Brother. Invoke me, call upon me, call me in your convocations and rituals, call upon me in your loves and battles in my name BABALON, wherein is all power given!

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