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Spring will be here before you know it and I would love to tell you about a place called Brookside Gardens/ Wheaton Regional Park in Wheaton, Maryland. Wheaton is located right outside of DC in Montgomery County. There is something there for eveyone. For the kids there are all kinds of activities like a train ride (starting in May). It takes you on a small journey through the park to show you wildlife and the beautiful landscape. There is also a Carosel and lots of Jungle Gym's, swings and slides. It will keep the kids busy all day, and they will have a blast.. The park is used often for family reunions, birthdays, company picnics, and any special events that you have planned. That is if you want to spend it in nature. And if you are thirsty or need to cool down there are vending machines with drinks and Ice Cream which is great on a hot day. If you wanted to bring your own food to cook the park also provides grills and pinic tables. Most all of the picinic areas are shaded by trees but there are covered sheltered areas too. Even for adults there is fishing and lots of trails to venture on for that exersise that we all need.


Connected to Wheaton Regional Park is the always amazing and tranquil Brookside Gardens. It's a whole nother world. You will be glad that you came here. Flowers as far as you can see of all kinds, with fountains, arbors, ponds with huge Coi fish, and rolling hills of beauty. Besides being outside, there is also a Conservatory that offers tours for those who want some history on the park and any conservation issues that they might inqure about. Inside that Greenhouse there is butterflies that roam free to add to the tranqulity as well. If you want a memeory of Brookside Gardens you can stop at the gift shop for jewlery, stuffed animals and trinkets of all kinds. The Visitors Center will have any information on upcomming events that you won't want to miss.

Brookside Gardens is truly fun filled, floral, and wildlife paridise. Hope to see you there this spring or anytime you want to get away and relax.


Check out there website for more information.



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