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Kuwaiti Women Speak to President Bush

Guest White House

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Guest White House

DR. AL-MUBARAK: We Kuwaitis look with great appreciation to the role that the American people played in the liberation of Kuwait, and we remember with great appreciation your father's role, Mr. Bush, and we call him here in Kuwait, Bu Abdullah -- that means he's so close to us, and the role that he played really still and forever we remember it as Kuwaitis.


And looking to the domestic issues in Kuwait, and especially the freedom that we are enjoying, looking to this group of ladies that are gathered totally by the Embassy, this is something that you don't have it much in lots of the countries and really the Middle Eastern countries. Our government has nothing to do with the gathering and nothing to do with this election of the people. And that gives a great idea that we speak our minds, we speak our hearts and are so glad to be with you, Mr. President.


And regarding the issues, we really have in mind, Mr. President, as women and as mothers, we're really asking you, as a person and as a leader of the great United States, to put an end for the agony of mothers in Kuwait, for the people and for our fellow citizens in Guantanamo. And we are sure that your human feelings so much with us in that and we need really your role and your assistance in that regard.


And also as citizens and people from this region, we deserve to live in peace. We are looking forward to live in peace, we are really -- not only in Kuwait, but in the whole region, this region, the Gulf region suffered for years and years from suffering from the wars and the impact of the wars. And we need your assistance, your help, your goodwill to have peace in this part of the world. And as you've played lots of roles in having peace and security in lot of part of the world -- you, your father and the other President.

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