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WHAT?? Giants are in the SUper Bowl


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I can't believe the Giants are going to the Super Bowl. Who would have ever thought that NY would be the team from the NFC East.


And to think, the Skins had them at halftime Week 3. They were one half away from complete destruction and hopeless season. Goes to show you what one half of football will do or the effect the coaching staff has on the team. Good for them, at least Romo and Owens can cry together Super Bowl weekend knowing a team they beat twice in the regular season is playing for the championship.

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After all of the hell our team went through this year what can we that loyal fans say? Sean Taylors death and bad call making, the injuries you name it.. I could go on and on. I am actually happy that the Giants made it to the Superbowl (since it's not the Skins...) The important thing now is that Dallas didn't make it.. T.O. is a crybaby and Romo is a "wiencer" I would still like to see the Patriots win. Reason being is that they have a perfect year to screw it up now. Brady is the "MAN". I love that guy! He makes it happen!! We have time to heal now that our season is over. Mentally,and physicaly. The media is keeping us alive anyway so the publicity of it all is insane. I love my Skins. Ya know we did redeam ourselves in the end there. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will see you next year.

But for now.. Go PATRIOTS!!!! Well they are both the colors of Red, White & Blue. To make another good point about this Superbowl. It is all Red, White & Blue. That is patriotic! B)

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