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Joe Gibbs retires from the Washington Redskins


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Joe Gibbs retired from the Washington Redskins again. As a long time Skins (and Gibbs) fan, its been a mixed bag of emotions since I heard the news. Part of me is happy. Until that late season surge, I was with the many who thought Joe should head back to NASCAR. As much as I love the legend, Gibbs did make many mental errors this year. He looked worn out and you started to get the feeling he wasn’t enjoying himself anymore.


Then Sean Taylor was murdered. What a blow, not only to lose a good young man, but also your best defensive player. Everyone expected the Skins to fold but Gibbs held his players together. He did more than that though, Gibbs helped the entire team and organization become a real family and to appreciate the gift they all have. Its not often in professional sports that you see a team that grows to actually care and love each other. With teammates flying in one day and out the next, multi-million dollar contracts, cuts, etc. (the NFL is a cut-throat BUSINESS), Gibbs made something positive and meaningful to his players in the wake of a tragic loss. I’m not sure any other coach could have done such a good job as both coach and mentor to these Washington Redskins players.


Then I also remembered that the Skins made the playoffs 2 out of the last 3 years. When was the last time that happened, right? For all his faults Gibbs brought the organization back into the fold. He at least won a playoff game. I know it wasn’t the Super Bowl he wanted to bring back to Washington but something has to be said that we have had a chance 2 out of the last 3 years.


In the end, I am happy that Gibbs left to do what he feels is right; spend time with his family and sick grandson. He went out his way which is what the man, the legend deserves.

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It would be a shame to not give Greg Williams a chance. Snyder and Joe promised him the coaching position. I like his modern version of the Buddy Ryan Defense. Capital Punishment is our new name. Redskin fan from above are watching you in his name.


Death is brutal.

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