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God is not awareness


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God is not awareness


60) Ekshateti kriyaa saivaatmaa na tu karakah .


(Wish is verb and not any agent that wishes. The soul or Jiva is only a special work and not the working element).


Veda says that God wished to create this world. Hence, people say that God is awareness due to wish. Here wish is a verb and not noun. This means that the awareness, which is wish, means a work only and not a working element. Already we have established that awareness is a special work of inert energy functioning in the special system called as nervous system. Therefore, the soul is the name of some special work only done by inert energy in the nervous system similar to grinding work done by current in grinding machine. Hence, the word soul is only a verb and not a noun, if you analyze deeply on scientific and logical line.


Bliss is not God

61) Anantaghanasukhaanandopi kriyaiva tasyeti shruterna tat .


(Even the bliss is a verb and not noun on deep analysis. Veda mentions bliss of God and hence bliss is not God. Bliss is only continuous and intensive happiness).


Some say that bliss is God. But bliss is intensive and continuous happiness only and thus it means the verb. If you say that one is happy, the happiness appears as noun, but it is only a verb on analysis. Veda says that such happiness is the bliss of God (Brahmana Anandah). If you say that this is the house of the king, it does not mean that the house is king.


Veda says that bliss is Brahman


62) Sopi vargottamo Brahma shrutah .


(If you say that Veda says that bliss is Brahman, here the word Brahman stands for the best in the category of desirable qualities. If you give same meaning to Brahman, contradiction appears).


Veda also says that bliss is Brahman (Anando Brahma). Here the word Brahman stands for the best in the category of desirable qualities. Bliss is the most desirable quality of awareness. Hence, bliss can be called as Brahman. Like this, you have to give different meanings for the word Brahman in both these contexts. Otherwise, there will be self contradiction. If you say that this is the house of the king and at the same time say that the house itself is the king, it becomes self contradiction. In the first statement king means an alive person. In the second statement, king means the best among the houses. Now both the statements can be correlated.

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