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The creation is a work without object


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The creation is a work without object


73) Srushtirakarmakakriyaiva shivanrutyam .


(The creation is a work without object and hence is called as the dance of God Shiva).


There are two types of works. One is objectless work (Akarmakakriyaa) and the other is work with object (Sakarmakakriyaa). Rama killed Ravana. In this statement the verb is with object. The verb is the work of killing and the object is Ravana. Rama walks. In this statement the verb is the work of walking, which has no object. Now in the absolute plane, even the primordial energy, which is the ultimate cause of the creation, is proved to be a form of work only. Hence, the entire creation, which is only the different modified forms of primordial energy, becomes work only. Now, this work of creation has no object because the entire creation consisting of all objects has become work. There is no object or entity leftover, which is not work. But remember, this state is the absolute plane and not the relative plane in which we are experiencing certain forms of work as objects and certain other forms of work as work only. Therefore, in the absolute plane, no object is leftover and hence the entire creation becomes the work without object. When we say that somebody is dancing, the work of dancing is without object. Therefore, this entire creation is stated to be the dance of God Shiva.

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