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First biodiesel producer from China listed on NYSE

Guest Made in China

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Guest Made in China

Gushan Environmental Energy Limited, the first biodiesel producer from China, listed on the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday.


Gushan Environmental Energy is China's largest producer of biodiesel, as measured by annual production capacity. The company produces biodiesel, a renewable, clean-burning and biodegradable fuel, primarily from vegetable oil offal and used cooking oil, andby-products from biodiesel production, including glycerine, plant asphalt, erucic acid and erucic amide.


The company began trading on the NYSE Wednesday under the ticker symbol "GU" after its successful IPO in which it raised 172.8 million U.S. dollars.


The NYSE now has 51 companies listed from Greater China, including 39 from Mainland China, 7 from Hong Kong, and 5 from the Taiwan region.


The total global market capitalization of the 39 NYSE-listed Chinese companies from the mainland is 1.5 trillion dollars, and for the 51 companies from greater China, 2.0 trillion dollars


Gushan Environmental Energy Limited is a leading producer of biodiesel and related products in China. We were founded in 2001. Currently, we have an aggregate annual production capacity of 170,000 tons of biodiesel. As a pioneer of the biodiesel manufacturing sector in the country, we intend to promote biodiesel as one of the best solutions for China’s energy needs by producing quality and environmentally friendly biodiesel at competitive cost.


Due to the continuous expansion of the Chinese economy and corresponding increasing demand for energy, we expect the Chinese economy to source a greater proportion of its energy needs from alternatives to petroleum-based diesel which are non-renewable. We believe that biodiesel will capture an increasingly larger share of China’s energy demand as environmental awareness increases in China and more efficient energy sources are sought. Traditionally, petroleum-based diesel has been the major source of energy supply. However, we believe our products can capitalize on the rising demand for energy and the increasing popularity of environmentally friendly energy.


The company's products are biodiesel and chemical by-products of biodiesel including glycerine, plant asphalt, erucic acid and erucic amide. Gushan Environmental Energy Limited biodiesel is primarily used by its customers as an energy source and also in conjunction with conventional petroleum-based diesel, while our by-products of biodiesel have a wide range of applications such as in food production, pharmaceuticals and as a lubricant. Our production facilities are located in Mianyang in Sichuan province, Handan in Hebei province and Fuzhou in Fujian province, serving the interior, northern and southeastern regions of China respectively. The company also has production facilities planned for Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong province, each representing major economic centers in northern, central and southern China.


Gushan Environmental Energy Limited intends to maintain our leading position in the biodiesel industry in China and become a major producer of quality and cost effective alternative energy products.

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