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MoveOn.org Demands Congress Cut Funding of Troops

Guest Robert M. "Mike" Dunca

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Guest Robert M. "Mike" Dunca

This time MoveOn.org is demanding that Congress cut funding for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The blame-America-first crowd wants the Democrat senators running for president to block the bill that funds our troops fighting the War on Terror if it doesn't include a surrender date.


In September, MoveOn.org viciously attacked our generals and our troops by running a full page newspaper ad assailing the integrity of our top military commander in Iraq, General Petraeus.


Playing politics with the lives of the men and women who protect our nation is wrong. The money that supports them as they fight for our country should not be held hostage by a few radical leftists who pull the strings of the Democrat leadership.


MoveOn.org is raising tens of millions of dollars to put a Liberal like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the White House to kowtow to their demands. Both Senators Clinton and Obama have stated they want to withdraw our troops before the job in Iraq is finished. They do this despite report after report showing real progress in Iraq now that President Bush's new strategy has taken full effect.


Winning the War on Terror is vital to America's security. We need strong leaders who recognize that cutting and running is not the answer.

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