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When God enters a particular soul as His medium


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Vishishtaatmaa rupakopaadhih.



(When God enters a particular soul as His medium, such medium can stand as not only a medium but also as the metaphor representing ordinary soul).


The inert items can be rejected as the media of God based on the above basic concept. But, when a soul is mentioned, how to know whether the soul is a metaphor or medium? The word ‘soul’ can stand for either possibilities to become medium or metaphor. This objection can be overruled because the soul acting as medium for God is already an ordinary soul, which can also act as metaphor. This means that even if you take the soul acting as medium to be metaphor, there is no harm. According to the requirement of context, you can take the soul as an ordinary soul standing as metaphor or as a specific soul standing as the medium of God. A single soul can stand for both the possibilities as per the requirement of the context.

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