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There is no worldly item that can be perfectly compared to God


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Nopameyadoshopamaanam tadupaadhivaachyam.



(There is no worldly item that can be perfectly compared to God. Hence, any simile has defect in the case of God. God can be said to be the item if God enters that due to identification).



All the worldly items have dimensions of the space and hence are not beyond space. If the items are beyond space, they will be also unimaginable. But all the items of the world are imaginable only. No imaginable item can be a simile to the unimaginable God. Hence, a complete simile for God is absent in this world. A simile among the worldly items also is never perfect in all aspects. The face is compared to the moon. Moon increases and decreases in the month but the face has no such increase and decrease. An imaginable item cannot be a perfect simile to another imaginable item in the world. Then, how can you bring a perfect simile from the imaginable items to the unimaginable God? Of course, God enters into an imaginable item as medium. In that case the medium itself is said to be God as the live wire is said to be the current itself. Here also the medium is treated as God but actually the medium is not God directly.

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