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Veda says that God is the cause of space


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Atibodhaakaashaatitamanuhyam tatkaaranam.


(God is unimaginable because God, the generator of space, is beyond the space. The intelligence can never go beyond the space).



Veda says that God is the cause of space (Atmaana Aakaashah….). Cause can be seen in its original form, only when its effect is destroyed. The lump of mud can be visualized only when the pot is destroyed. Hence, to understand the original God, the space must be destroyed. When the space is destroyed and does not exist, the situation is unimaginable, in spite of your intensive imagination even for hundred years. Since, your intelligence cannot cross the space, God, who is beyond space can never be imagined by human intelligence. This is the reason for God being unimaginable.

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