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Veda says that God is known and seen


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Vedaahamaikshadityavirodha Oupadhikam hi .



(Veda says that God is known and seen. This does not contradict the above said unimaginable nature of God. These statements only refer to the medium in to which God entered.)



Veda says that God is not seen by eyes. But the same Veda says else where that a fortunate devotee sees God (Kaschit Dhirah..). Similarly, Veda says that God alone knows God. But the same Veda says that a devotee knows God (Vedaahametam….). This seems to be a contradiction in Veda. But there is no contradiction, because God enters a medium for the sake of devotees. Then the medium is charged by God and the verbs like known, seen etc., apply to the charged medium and not to the original God.

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