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Shaquille Oneal!!!


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Shaquille Oneal might leave the team that no one thought could lose. The Lakers have been criticized just like the NY Yankees in baseball or the Real Madrid of soccer. People thought the team they had was a bunch of all stars. However this year the Detroit Pistons proved that you don't have to have an all star team to win the NBA finals. All it takes is a little TEAMwork. This brings me back to Shaq. Shaq has decided that he wants to leave the Los Angeles Lakers before his contract is up. Now if he wants to receive the rest of that money he will have to stay another season or so to get that money. There are talks between shaq and the miami heat right now but Pat Riley said that he dislikes him because he is a player that can leave as soon as he has come to a team. The Lakers are risking right now the chance of losing their two best superstars in one sitting! Kobe Bryant might not return based on his case and other issues. Shaq is right now on the brink of leaving so the Lakers could very well be dismantled of their prowess soon. :ph34r:


Should Shaq stay with the Lakers? Or should he sign with the Heat or other NBA team???

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The only time you miss free throws is when you move any part of your body. When you move only your hands and arms to shoot free throws you make them.

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