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Discover Card Services Contracts to Web Site Pros

Guest Bojangled

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Guest Bojangled

It appears that Discover Card Services works with Web Site Pros.


I just received an unnerving telephone call thanking me for my business.


"Discover Card Services would like to thank you for your business over the years. I see that you have been a customer for several years. Your business has qualified for new Discover services. Are you (my business name)?," the woman replied in one breath.


I responded with yes.


"Are you the head of your business?" the woman questioned.


I responded with yes.


Then she hung up on me


I dialed *69 on my telephone and 1-888-682-0313 was my last incoming call.


I dialed the number and a gentleman answered Web Site Pros.


I asked him to send me information about his company's services by email.


I still have not received anything.


So I called Discover Merchant Services at 1-800-347-2000 and spoke to Ray (would not give me her last name).


I told Ray my story. She replied that Discover was calling people up and my business was on the list. I then asked to speak to a Manager.


"I am the Manager. I am the Account Manager," Ray replied.


"Do you handle you entire call center?" I questioned.


"No I have a manager," Ray responded.


"What is your manager's name?" I questioned.


"Steve Crane is my manager," Ray responded.


"Can I speak with Steve please?" I questioned.


"You will need to call 1-800-347-2000." Ray replied.


"Ok. When I call that is number you want me to ask for a manager?" I questioned.


"Yes. Ask for a manager," Ray replied.


I laughed. "Will I be speaking with an Account Manager like you?" I asked Ray.


"Yes." Ray responded.


I laughed even harder. "So Ray you are telling me that another Account Manager will put with Steve?" I tried to keep my composure.


"Yes. The Account Manager will get Steve for you, " Ray said in a calm tone.


"So, Ray if you are and Account Manager why can't you get Steve for me?" I questioned.


"You want me to get Steve," Ray responded with a question.


"Yes. Yes. Get Steve for me Ray. I know you can do it. GO RAY! GO RAY GO RAY" I responded.


"OK. Steve is not here," Ray responded.


I threw in two more questions. "Ray can you get me you call center manager please? Where are you located?"


"Our call center is in Ohio. Hold on I will get you my Manager," Ray said excitingly.


The humor wore off after waiting what seemed like forever.


"Sorry to keep you waiting. Are you still there?" Ray asked gently.


"Yes. I am still here Ray." I responded.


"I am transferring you now." Hold on.......


I will finish this story soon. I still have not received any email from Web Site Pros.

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Guest Bojangled

This is what I received from Discover.


From: merchantservice [mailto:merchantservice@discovernetwork.com]

Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2007 12:41 PM

Subject: No Subject



I called Website Pro's 1-888-682-0313 and spoke with Arthur. I explained your situation to him and he is expecting your call. You can reach Arthur at 866-743-4339 ext #5.


I also found out they are on a dialer system like I explained to you on the phone today. If the phone call gets disconnected then the dialer goes on to the next call.




Marilyn Clifford

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