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Why do blogs like The Corrupt 1 and others like us do so well in readership?


It is because from coast to coast, people want to hear the bad news right away about our dirty leaders and their accomplices.


The foregoing fact is seen in so many newspapers, TV shows, underground publications, blogs and more focusing on the bad things our leaders and others do.


Americans have an unfilled thirst for blood, guts and bad news.


Yet, The Corrupt 1 sticks strictly to verifiable facts surrounding events that have taken, we express our views and leave the rest up to you to decide what is what.


While our blog has focused heavily on what we perceive and see as our evil mayor Adrian Fenty, we have received hundreds of emails telling us that there is one more angel of Satan in DC government far worse than Adrian Fenty and that is Jack Evans. No ***brown trout*** but he isn't mayor yet.


Sad to say but the hoopla over what our local government is doing is waning as the excitement over a new administration and council is wearing off. Now people are busy wondering did they make the right choices.


We believe that in 2008 most of our elected officials will come under the gun of voters and the re-election bids of Jack Evans and Kwame Brown will be seriously challenged for the first time.


We are proud to see our daily readership top the 20,000 mark in less than a years' time and we hope that number grows.

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Guest rees for mayor
It is now February 2008, and our readership has gone up to 51,000 daily readers.


Someone sent this to Gary Imhoff's The Mail:


Gary asks about Jonathan Rees’ most recent missive [themail, February 24], “I’d welcome any confirmation or contradiction of this charge. If you are a government employee, can you access Rees’ blog from your government office computer?” What I’d like is confirmation of the preposterous assertion Mr. Rees keeps making that over two hundred thousand people in the Metro region read his blog daily. I stopped by there once, and quickly realized he’s way off the reservation, though I do continue to be annoyed by his blog-traffic-trolling on legitimate DC area blogs and discussion forums from which he has not yet been banned.


But think about that number. Wonkette, one of the most popular DC blogs, only claims an average daily readership of about thirty-five thousand unique visitors. A Google link search of link:http://corruptones2008.blogspot.com reveals zero links to his blog. Wonkette, somehow having only about 20 percent of his daily readers, has 98,000 links. Amazing how he generates that much traffic with not a single off-site link to his site. On Quantcast, Wonkette is ranked 2,833 compared to Mr. Rees’ blog’s ranking of 1,924,860, and Quantcast says Rees’ US reach is less than two thousand, the smallest number they report. Finally, the vast majority of the posts on Mr. Rees’ blog have zero comments. Strange that two hundred thousand people a day would read it, yet for days at a time none of them have any reaction to all the juicy scandals.


Obviously, this is way beyond fiction and into the realm of hysterically absurd. I am sure Mr. Rees will have an explanation for this apparent paradox involving conspiracy at the highest levels of the very operation of the Internet, but for the rest of us, it’s just ridiculous. So if this guy is going to start his postings with a bald-faced lie about the readership of his blog, I see no reason why anyone should even bother wondering if his ravings are true or not. Mr. Rees, simply, has no credibility.

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Thanks J!


I just visited Wonkette. What a great site. I will have to tell my friends about it. Washington is a Crazy Town. Corrupt Ones is a good one too. Thanks.
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